Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Closing Doors and Opening Wallets

As I am sure you are well aware of by this point, both Hickey and Martin + Osa are no more.  So what does this mean for you, the consumer?  Basically it's time for you to cash in on the misfortunes of others.  A little harsh I know, but you get the point.  Anyway, be sure to head over to Hickey, where everything is on sale, and M+O where new sale items are being added daily.  Feel free to wipe away your tears with all those extra bills you're gonna have laying around.  My two favorite pieces from both sales are below.

Hickey Toggle Coat...$518.00 (was $1,295.00)

Martin + Osa Boating Anorak...$89.95 (was $160.00)


[Editor's Note: Post #500 is in the books.]


  1. Nice. And now we play the waiting game. Had my eye on a M&O bomber...

  2. I liked the green version of the anorak, but the orange is pretty sweet and a nice price to match.

  3. I'm almost certain that the M+O sales are in stores as well. I saw the orange Anorak at my local store marked down to $89.95. There were a few navy ones left too.

  4. That Anorak has my name all over it.

  5. I was in my local M+O over the weekend, talking to a salesperson that I've gotten to know about the closing. He says the stores will be open until the end of July, so this presumably applies to the site as well. Sale prices seemed to match up between web and store.

    I ordered the orange anorak last week, using my latest 20% off promo on top of the sale price mentioned above (didn't know I was going to end up at the mall this weekend, or I would have just bought it at the store), should be arriving tomorrow.