Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Custom Shop

As much as I love the classic Vans colorways every now and then they leave something to be desired.  I'm not talking some insane hipster print or neon shitshow, but a combination of classic colors that haven't been put into production - why they haven't released a true white with a blue foxing stripe is beyond me.  For those who feel the same way you can hop on the Vans online shop and "design" a custom pair of Eras (among other models, but unfortunately no Authentics) to meet all your sockless sartorial needs.  It costs 60 bucks and if you know exactly what you want it is a pretty sweet resource...or a fantastic time waster.



  1. I wish they had an option to switch the red logo on the heel to white. That's the one thing about most Vans that I really dislike.

  2. Neon shitshow? Never heard that before :) Every classic casual/sporty shoe brand should be going this route. Putting your own stamp on it is always a great idea. Thanks for the tip.