Friday, March 12, 2010

Stay Laced

S/S means no socks. End of story.  This is a wonderful thing, but the downside is that it leaves you with one less way to add some personality to your kit.  To remedy this I recommend copping a new pair(s) of colored laces to switch things up while not killing your financials.  As you well know style often lies in the details and some new laces fit the bill.  There's no real rule for switching in laces and with unlimited options at your disposal I can't imagine struggling to come up with a sartorially inclined combination.  I tend to stay away neons and all that 80's jazzercise nonsense so you're more than likely to see a red or blue pair on my feet (though Skip makes a very convincing case for orange).  Get laced to stay laced.

A rad video and a cool anecdote involving laces:



  1. Great little Schaaf vid. Killer tranny skater...

  2. Stankass feet/kicks vs Ridicule due to peds

    where do you fall on the topic LAS?

  3. Ben- You're gonna have to elaborate for me.

  4. My only gripe with Vans;

    Polyester laces.

    They squeak.

    And are now replaced immediately with cotton.

  5. I just meant for sockless, does one deal with the sweat and stink that bare feet produce inside shoes, or deal with the potential ridicule with which one might be met if anyone ever saw they were hiding peds below the rim line of their summer shoe?

  6. Ben- Refer to this:

  7. Is that link correct? It seems to recommend wearing those awful little sockette things?

    I simply can not understand what they are all about at all?

    They're unsightly.

    Look uncomfortable.




    I have plenty of shoes I've never worn socks with that are as fresh as any other.

    My advice;

    Buy some inner soles.
    Replace or wash them regularly.
    Allow your shoes to rest up.
    Erm, clean your feet.

  8. Mr. Brown- That link served for its advice on how to handle odor. I can't get into loafer socks either.

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