Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Attn: Epaulet Multicolor Gingham Available Now

The multicolor gingham shirt from Epaulet that I talked about a while back, which in turn got picked up by Valet, is now available for purchase.  What was once only a swatch of fabric has now materialized into the shirt I was incredibly pumped about when the weather was real shitty.  What made me highlight it initially was the twist it puts on the classic fabric we have all come to know, love and subsequently purchase at one point or another.  Instead of buying just another red/blue gingham shirt why not try something with a little more personality?  Epaulet runs a fantastic operation and their in house line of shirting is some of my favorites out there.  The fit is on point with the Gitman's and Hamilton's of the world and has the exclusivity that comes with their signature "small batch shirting".  I like this shirt as an alternative to the throngs of madras you are sure see this time of year.



  1. That is a cool shirt. Epaulet is right down the block from me. Great store! Good find!

  2. the boys' shirts are so nice, but I'm not a big fan of any of the girl options. story of my life.

  3. Lovin' the last few posts Lawrence! (Inspiring my upcoming summer shopping)