Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's In A Name [Update II]

It has come to my attention (see: comments in previous posts) that the Asos "Made In England" shoes are in fact not made by Trickers, but by NPS Shoes Ltd.  My apologies for posting information that was not correct and based simply on speculatory rumors.  I saw what I believed to be a great deal and jumped at the chance to share it with you guys before really looking into the matter.  Regardless, I still believe the shoes are a bargain and stand by my own personal purchase.  NPS has been making high quality shoes in England since 1881 and Asos is still selling a bench made, Goodyear welted shoe for an extremely reasonable price.  Once again I apologize for the confusion and the lack of "journalistic" integrity on my end.  Sart Inc is not and never will be a misleading or dishonest PR vehicle.



  1. ASOS are very up front that NPS are their makers, that said Jason was pretty confident too 'straight from the horse mouth' etc.

    £77 remains a reasonable price, and even more so it highlights your original question "What's In A Name"...

  2. I've got to agree that NPS shoes are good and am wearing them as I write.

    The firm doesn't stick soles on with glue, but sews to a welt. This allows various flexinesses & long-term sandwich squelchiness to mould around the shape of your feet. These are technical terms but I'm sure you get the gist.

    NPS also pay UK labour rates and sustains the UK economy. In a world of unfair exchange rates and unfair systems of government elsewhere is a good thing, I think.

  3. They still look to be of good quality. Where else are you gonna find Goodyear welted brogues for $200?

  4. They are a great find....not everyone can blow $750 on a pair of tasselled loafers at Church's....I'm a great advocate of finding "buys".....cruising the racks in sales or hitting Century 21 let's anyone wear premium clothing at John Doe prices.....these are quite as refined as some of their more expensive counterparts but so what.

  5. Not a bad price, but you could pick up a brand new pair of Loakes for around £70 on Ebay, and I'd wager that they would pip the Asos in terms of finish.

    That said, each to their own and you will still have a very decent shoe there.

  6. You certainly weren't the only one saying they were unlabeled Trickers.

  7. Memphis- I realize that. Apparently I'm the only one who manned up about this mistake.