Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trending For Spring

J. Crew has added a variety of new goods to their website including two of the trendy-er pants this season - the single pleated chino and washed, white denim.  I'm down with both of these styles not because they are popular right now, but because they are staples for any well dressed chap.  You can pretty much read about white jeans anywhere these days so I'll spare you any musings on that front.  As for single pleat chinos, what I said about pleated shorts a while back still holds true in this case.  I've never been fond of J. Crew's shirting, but I really do love their bottoms - in fact I usually recommend them to anyone looking to take the first step in getting their pants/shorts game in order.  Just like anything else seasonal from J. Crew both of these will be on sale in approximately 2 months when the summer gear starts hitting the shelves so keep that in mind if you want to pull the trigger.  I should also mention that J. Crew apparently slimmed up their cargos so you might want to check those out as well although after seeing what WWM and McNairy have put out I will never buy cargos from anyone else.



  1. Ahh, how the wheels of fashion constantly turn...

  2. Trip - too true. I recall people only a few months ago treating pleated pants like some kind of fashion relic, and here they are again...and they look good.

  3. This was exactly the impression I got my first time at JCrew about a month ago- I know I've heard the musing about their ill-fitting shirts, which was confirmed- but I had never heard a view on the pants and I was so happy with them I redid my whole (I'll be it cheap) pants wardrobe while I was there- surprising because I have a man-booty

  4. Cargoes
    White denim

    It goes to show that execution - and let us not forget marketing - is everything.