Sunday, March 28, 2010



Top: Calvin Klein white tee, Lands End Canvas shawl collar sweater
Bottom: Horween leather belt, Tellason jeans, Vans Authentics

Top: Unis button down oxford
Bottom: Army Navy surplus ripstop cargos (made by Tru-Spec), Mark McNairy chukkas



  1. oh, man! is that the unis you scored recently from gilt? i wish i hadn't slept on that.

    also: i'm shocked by how slim those cargos look. a trick of the camera angle?


  2. U wear suits during the week?

  3. Jonathan- Yeah, that's the new oxford.

    Nah, those cargos are pretty slim. I was real surprised when I tried them on at my local Army Navy. The details are killer too: reinforced seat, ankle drawstrings, button fly. Head down to your own local joint and try some stuff on, you'll be really suprised.

    TO- Sometimes, but I am more business casual than anything else.

  4. I'm in NYC, in which store did you find those cargos?

  5. FC- I actually live in North can find similar ripstop cargos at any local Army Navy surplus store.