Tuesday, March 2, 2010

London Fashion Week Street Style

While his London subjects are lacking the insane amount of style seen in Paris, Milan and New York, Tommy Ton still keeps it fresh with his latest dispatch of London street style photography for GQ.

Everyone is always preaching about Alden wingtips, which is fine, but I'm really feeling for British takes on the classic shoe.  While I cannot discern whether these are Grenson's, Tricker's or something else, I do know they are some English shit kickers - badass, chunky, country leather sole, and never out of style.  My only question: where da selvedge at?

An Italian in London no doubt.  The color of the pants, the lapels on the jacket and that scarf tell you everything you need to know.  If this guy lost those Intro. to Chemistry goggles he'd be perfect, I mean, perfectto!

I don't wear hats because of guys like this. I never stood a chance.

Rucksacks are making a Travolta sized comeback these days.  It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Canvas? Game. Leather? Set. Actual functionality? Match.

These dudes are on some dandy overload type steeze and both are killing it.  The guy on the right in particular is sending a serious message and it's coming in loud and clear.  Plaid suits are not for the sartorial novice and unless you are a fashion week guest I'd recommend leaving this one to the professionals - admire from afar and walk away. Just. Walk. Away.

The Thom Browne size jacket either looks great or terrible every time I see it in the wild.  This guy falls under the former of the two because he's mixed in normal sized garments to offset the shrunken proportions of his blazer.  It's not so much about some fancy juxtaposition as it is about not looking like a clown.  Also, the first thing I noticed here is his two tone shirt - I really love those. No Gekko.

Speaking of Gekko, look at this suit!  I haven't seen lapels like that. and on a single breasted jacket no less, in like 20 years.  Kudos to this guy for telling all the skinny, notch lapels of the world to shove it.  If you are wondering why this fuzzy dice suit seems so current, well, the answer lies in the low button stance.


[All pictures courtesy of GQ.]


  1. I would bet that those are Tricker's. In fact, I'm fairly certain they're the Bourton model in Chestnut.

  2. Tricker's last 4444.

    Save your bod at the bottom your man ain't shot many Londoners.

    Grey Suit's only visiting until Tamsin gets in the family way so he's only 1/2 point.

  3. Mr. Brown- Good point...I wonder how many of these cats actually reside in London.

  4. Yeah i have some grensons and theyre are a slimmer profile with a narrower toe. an absolutely fantastic shoe - and except for the aforementioned differences, not unlike those trickers.

  5. If I had to rank all the 'looks' from this series from Tommy Ton and GQ...

    1. Milan
    2. Paris
    3. NYC
    4. London

  6. Shimon- In agreement...spot on.

  7. Trickers Broughton. The original clodhopper and as ubiquitous as rain over here. I'd go for the pebble grain and a dainite sole.

  8. Those are similar to Grenson Stanley like the pair I own in the same color but the soles throw me off. Not sure. I like the overall look of the cat in the thom browne coat. Maybe ditch the coat, leave the vest, and add a scarf.

  9. "...messenger bag..."


    That is plain poor.

    Explains what is a weak collection of images in my opinion.

  10. Can any one Please tell me what the brand or whats the name of the book bag piece is called? the collection? thank you.

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