Monday, April 12, 2010

Orvis Does The Classics

I guess it makes more sense to say that Orvis continues to do the classics because that's what they've been doing more or less since 1856.  For a long time I've been a fan of their in house label due to the fact they make great looking stuff that will last a long time.  Granted, their gear has always been a little more expensive than their competitors, such as L.L. Bean or Lands End, but they justify their pricepoints for the most part.  When it comes to bucks and saddle shoes brands like the aforementioned usually hit it out of the park.  I mean, they are the ones who have been making this stuff the longest so they "get it".  Orvis doesn't need trends to remind them to go back into their archives or anything like that - the stuff is second nature at this point and lacks the grace period some folks require before they get shit right.  They currently have some iconic red brick sole footwear in stock in both the buck and saddle categories.  As you probably know from both your own experience and the tone of this post, it's nothing new, which is a damn good thing - just some classic shoes that would look great at the end of some chinos.



  1. Man, I want some saddle shoes so bad....


  2. those all-brown saddles w/some slim chinos. mmm, tasty. i really want a pair of bucks this season too.

  3. Eastland's: the poor man's shoe. Their bucks are pretty standard. Can't go wrong with that.

  4. I find it amazing how this blog vacillates between the classic and the preposterous

    Welcome back to the World of Trad (for the moment).

  5. Old School- Welcome back to telling me you more often than not think I am preposterous.