Friday, April 9, 2010

The Windmill Club S/S 2010

The Windmill Club takes us into the weekend with some lovely seasonal imagery.  For some background into the up and coming brand, which has quickly become a fan favorite within the men's style blogosphere, check out my interview with owner and designer Kevin Burrows.

The Windmill Club SS 2010 from Buffalo Picture House on Vimeo.



  1. The sailboat tie is pretty dope.

  2. I know that sometimes a comment can expel one from the group...

    but these guys and their kits... I wouldn't give them a job... its the weak display of character - they couldn't make the grade - messy, sloppy.

    You must be neat and care about what you wear and how you present yourself.


  3. any idea of the label for the blue button-down oxford?

  4. The blue button down oxford is gitman vintage.
    I'm not really diggin' this new Windmill Club stuff. It just seems like a variation of the idea that got Band Of Outsiders going. Not that I have a problem with the success of Band of Outsiders, I just don't find anything original or satisfying about this new label

  5. All these kinda' suck except for the sailboat tie. The width is too thin for one to wear it outside of this decade. The striped ties almost look cheap.

  6. Any idea as to what those square shades are?