Thursday, April 8, 2010


Alright, enough hate for one day - on to some gear from Ralph's camp that is fresh.  RL is pushing the two tone club collar hard this S/S through both Polo and Rugby.  This is a piece I am particularly fond of despite all the horrible Gordon Gekko comparisons that come with the territory.  While I am still warming up to the two tone dress shirt I think the two tone sport shirt is a winner.  Most people consider the two tone a dressier detail so it's a nice way to up your SSSQ (sport shirt sophistication quotient - I keeps it real technical).  The club collar only steps these up another notch and the end result is a damn fine shirting option.  If you're the kind of guy who likes wearing ties outside of work this should definitely be a go to or at least an option you consider.  Polo's got you covered here and Rugby has two options for your choosing.  Join the club. 


[Editor's Note: To calculate SSSQ divide all your sport shirts that are awesome by all your sport shirts that suck.  The higher your SSSQ the better.]