Friday, April 16, 2010

J. Crew S/S Cotton Sportcoats

If I had my druthers I'd have a closet stacked with perfectly tailored sportcoats from J. Press and Brooks Brothers in all the fabrics you could imagine, but I got bills to pay, mouths to feed and at least 5 illegitimate kids, that I know of, to put through college.  As it stands now I am in no position to start dropping the kind of fundage on sportcoats that the old guard requires so I stick to the good folks at J. Crew for all my almost suiting needs.

A choice S/S sportcoat is a good look for sure - everything from work functions to a nice dinner with your lady calls for something a little classy that keeps you as cool as a Negra Modelo on ice.  I've been a big fan of J. Crew's sportcoats since, well, Frank took the helm and find that they fit pretty swell off the rack.  As it stands today they have a few options for you depending on what your wardrobe may lack and what your personal style leans towards - the cotton options range from striped to corded to plaid to chino.  Like I said earlier this week, even if you're the kind of cat who rocks jeans on the reg you shouldn't be afraid to man up - no one ever said that you had to look like crap even if you're rolling to the farmer's market (though we could probably debate how manly you can actually be while kicking it at a farmer's market).  With minimal tailoring necessary, assuming you aren't rocking the Muggsy Bogues' hormones treatment, and everything clocking in at under 2 bills J. Crew has your back.



  1. I just copped a black clayton sportcoat this week for a presentation I have to do (for some reason we have to wear black, otherwise i would've gone w/khaki I think). Anyway, I'll probably post pics if I like it. Thinking about getting shorts to go with it or maybe compiling a khaki short-suit for when its too hot for pants.

  2. This is all very well for normal-sized humans, but what is a 36s fellow supposed to do?

  3. 36s people are usually screwed. You're gonna have to either shop in the kids section (backlog somewhere) or pay full-price from a place like BB. Or better yet, find a dirty good tailor.