Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Attn: Martin And Osa S/S Shirting

Martin and Osa have recently added a bunch of new shirting styles to their website and it's all very of the moment if you will.  Thankfully, much like I mentioned with the bucks and saddles yesterday, it's all classic goods - ginghams, plaids, patchwork madras and even their own take on the popover.  As with everything Martin and Osa these days it's your call whether or not you want to wait for this stuff to go on sale.  We all know that M+O is closing down for goods so while it might seem advantageous to wait for these shirts to hit clearance you never know what's going to sell out - and, in this case, be gone forever.  I guess if I was going to complain about anything here it would be the lack of button down collars on pretty much all of Martin and Osa's shirting.  I have a bunch of sport shirts with straight collars and while they still definitely get play it doesn't take much for that collar to start getting out of hand and me to start getting pissed off.  I think the popover is the strongest of the bunch (although let's not take anything away from that awesome camp patchwork madras), but if you even casually read Sart Inc that shouldn't surprise you anymore than Tiger Woods being just as sore of a loser as ever.



  1. most of those shirts pictured are button down collars. look at the website.

  2. That pop over is not new to the s/s season but is definitely a winner. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and wait for it to go on sale.

    Really enjoy the blog!

  3. How's the fit on M+O shirts? I've never worn one, but I'm tempted--even w/ no sale those are not insane prices.

  4. What a shame the store is closing. I went by yesterday and loved, loved, loved it. Any other suggestions on an alternative?

    PS love the blog!!

  5. Shame the store is closing. I have had their slim indigo jeans for over two years and have been amazed at how well they held up (even more impressive that they were on sale for $40 bucks).