Friday, April 9, 2010

Spanish Monk

My Gant double monks (pictures forthcoming) arrived today so I obviously have double monk on the brain.  Never satisfied, I have continued to spend the better part of my afternoon scouring the internet for all the double monks I can find.  The best number today (double monks are hard to come by lately) is the Burris model from Mezlan on sale for under $300.  The burgundy shoe comes in a shined calfskin with a rubber/leather sole and while I can see the leather being a turn off for some after looking at it for a while I have come around.  I'm thinking this would be a killer shoe for formal occasions (I have a light grey suit that would look pretty money with these badboys).

I don't know too much about Mezlan besides they are usually kind of pricey, often found on sale and that their shoes are "handcrafted" by artisans in Spain.  From a little bit of research there seems to be differing opinions on quality, but that's not really anything new when it comes to shoes - everyone's got an opinion.  Anyhow, if you were looking to snipe a pair of double monks and don't mind a little floss and gloss these seem like a good play.



  1. Yo totally unrelated to anything, but I'm curious as to what you think about this.

    It's totally polarizing, with the self-proclaimed style community hating it; but I think it's kickass

  2. I think there's a way to dull the shine on these and give them a more worn appearence instead of all sheeny and stuff. Unless sheeny is your thing.

  3. Anon @5:05- Sneakers with a suit look sloppy and that bow tie is way too big so I think RDJ looks like a clown. The only thing saving him from looking like shit is the fact he is RDJ and awesome.