Thursday, April 8, 2010


So I just got an inquiry regarding a hat purchase in anticipation for the upcoming spring showers so I figured I would do my best to drop some fake knowledge.  I don't wear hats myself, but my Pops does all the time and he swears by this wool crushable felt hat from Orvis.  I know the idea of crushable, non-iron, stain resistant anything brings shudders amongst the style community, but when it comes to a hat I think it is a good idea - what might seem like a novelty is actually quite practical when you consider the kind of ringer most hats are put through.  The hat's wool is treated so it's water resistant (perfect for said showers) and it is made in the USA for anyone keeping track.  Having been hands on with this dome piece before I can attest to its superior quality (Orvis is no slouch) and just how straight up dashing it looks in person.  There's nothing wrong with a bucket cap if that's your thing, but then again, I wore those when I was 12 - just sayin'.  It is currently for sale at Orvis for $49 or $24 if you want to be a badass and get it in black.



  1. Mmm... I am looking for a hat. Thanks for pointing these out. Timely post.

  2. Resist the urge unless you're old enough to get away with it.

  3. Apparently I'm old enough to get away with it... I own one of these (in charcoal) and I can vouch for it. Also useful in winter as long as it's above 20 or so.

    You may have heard that up here in Boston we had some pretty serious rain in March, and this hat kept my head dry through all of it, plus the brim keeps my glasses from getting dotted with drops.