Monday, April 12, 2010

Make It A Double

There's nothing like some great discourse especially of the double monk variety.  Ken sent me a link to another fine pair of double monks this time courtesy of Shipton & Heneage - bench made, good year welted, leather sole and all for a cool $395.  Oh man, first it was Bean boots then Vans Authentics - my eye has quite a few apples these days. Love it or hate it, but never ignore it...



  1. Double Monks are starting to catch my eye as well but I can't seem to find a decent pair where I live (Sydney, Australia). I find this is the case with most things I dig style wise. Any tips on where/how I could find them all the way down in Oz?

  2. Same. Sydney is a vacuum.

  3. Thomas and Anon- I wish I guys just need to find someone who does international shipping.

  4. True L.A.S but it's hard when you can't try the gear on and see how you look, it makes me reluctant to take the risk.

    Thanks for trying!