Monday, April 5, 2010

Attn: RL Style Guide

Have you ever wondered exactly how to wear all your Ralph Lauren gear? Well the folks at Polo apparently think you do so they curated a S/S style guide for that very issue.  If you recall Rugby just added a feature like this to their blog though Polo's version, much like their clothes, is the big boy edition.  My favorite has to be the "Haberdashery" section which details various accessories from ties to collar pins.  Keep in mind that these kind of things always contain a little bit of nonsense, but ultimately I trust good ol' Ralph and it's cool to see various musings on his classic garments.  If you've got a case of the Monday's an extended look see (the guide is quite prolific with each label getting its own section) is highly recommended.



  1. It looks informative/interesting. I quickly clicked on the women's style guide but will need to check it out more later. Even though I'm not 100% or even 50% preppy, the Ralph Lauren pieces I do have (pink trench, shirts, polos, men's sweaters from Rugby)- I love them. And those pretty colored ties make me want to wrap one around my forehead as a headband.

  2. The guide has been around for quite sometime as i refer to it almost daily for visual inspiration.

  3. "...those pretty colored ties make me want to wrap one around my forehead as a headband..."