Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sucka Free

I'm not sure if any of you guys have summer weddings coming up, but I have gotten a few emails regarding suiting options for such occasions.  If I was prepping myself for something of the sort I would be trying to get my hands on either a seersucker or chino suit.  Both look fantastic in my opinion and keep you real cool while all the other bone heads are sweating their asses off in whatever one wool suit they own. 

The choice between seersucker and chino isn't necessarily a tough one.  Seersucker is a little more bold and much more at home in the south (or Cape Cod) than its chino counterpart.  I'm not saying a seersucker suit would be out of place somewhere else, but I would assume the average onlooker might seem a little perplexed at your sartorial moves.  Chino, on the other hand, is a tad more "normal" ("acceptable" doesn't seem like the right word here because that would imply there really are rules to this sorta thing and there aren't).  With all this in mind I dig how J. Crew has released a khaki colored version of their seersucker Ludlow suit.  It should come as no surprise that I like this option the best as it is a meeting place between the aforementioned options.  The color palette of the suit plays more into the hands of geographic commonplace and you still get the wonderful texture/feel of seersucker.  The suit separates even have a vest you can snatch up if you want to get as natty as possible.  The entire kit can be had for $384 which is quite good in my opinion especially considering how strong J. Crew's suiting is.  If you're plus one-ing it this summer, get your gear right and keep it sucka free.



  1. it is actually the Ludlow Suit and not Lundow. Good choice though. I purchased the Italian Chino Ludlow Suit last month in wheat.

  2. I dig it. I don't know why, but when I hear seersucker, I automatically think of light green or light blue. And I think a seersucker light green suit would be fabulous.

  3. Definite summer feeling, but I couldn't see myself getting away with a suit of this colour. Not in the UK.

  4. I was shaking my head 'yes Lord, yes Lord' all the way up until halfway of reading this post, and then I started sheaking my head 'no, no no.'

    I'm taking the plunge this summer in Dallas and wearing this J. Crew Ludlow blue seersucker suit. It's slowly turning out to be a southern-gentlemen theme(Billy Reidesque) for my side of the wedding party. The bestmen, what others may refer to as groomsmen, are wearing the matching trousers with white button-up oxfords and leather wingtips.

    All that's left is to piece together the remaining separates' for the men, to include a bowtie/tie and belt/suspenders.

    Any words of encouragement, affirmation, or advice you could lend?

  5. Tracy- Just do you man. If you're happy with it and comfortable then you're good to go. From what you typed it sounds like you are going to have one hell of stylish wedding.

  6. Thanks for those encouraging words. I must say, the ensemble is coming together. I just got back my seersucker suit from the tailor, $100 later. Taking it back to taper the legs even more, it's sittin right on-top of the oxfords though.

    We decided on a madras bowtie for all the men.
    We're hitting a brick wall deciding between suspenders or a belt. Any thoughts?

  7. If the pants have belt loops go with belts.

    Unused loops would probably look to casual for the event, imo