Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Samba Red Brick Sole

Well, kinda sorta not really.  These are a little too streetwear-y for my own personal taste, but I do dig how Adidas is at least offering some new options.  You could look at this two ways: 1. Breathing new life into a classic or 2. A blatant bastardization - your call. I, myself, will avoid picking sides because I can.

I should also mention that there is a blue and white colorway as well that may indeed lean more towards the classic end of the spectrum, but that's also up for debate as long as you can still buy (and hopefully will be able to until the end of time) Samba Originals.

And speaking of those Samba Originals, what kind of fake style sage would I be if I didn't give my own recommendation for the greatest Samba ever produced?  It's officially spring (right?) so you gots to go with white.  And let's jazz that sucker up with some navy and a gum sole because that's how I does it baby.



  1. Hehe—I have both of those white pairs and will vouch for them as well!

  2. Sole unit's wrong.
    More Bamba than Samba.

  3. I bought a pair of black and white samba's last month no idea what to wear them with though, suggestions?

  4. Asheru- With everything from chinos to jeans - it's all good.

  5. Keep look and the colorway classic.