Sunday, April 11, 2010


The Sart Inc double monk era officially begins...

Top: Polo Ralph Lauren seersucker button down
Bottom: APC New Standard, Vans Authentics

Top: Hamilton 1883 linen popover
Bottom: APC New Standard, Gant brown suede captoe double monks


Special thanks go out to David Hamilton for the popover and his effort to keep me looking money.

[Editor's Note: As you can see the APC's were starting to bulge at the knees quite badly so they got their first soak about 1 hour ago.]


  1. good looks man, I really like the shape on those double monks…

    and the white sneaks + denim look is always impressively clean (about time I took your advice and got some Authentics.)

    keep up this series!

  2. I knew you would give in to the APC knee-bulge!

  3. When you say knee-bulge and a soak, what exactly do you mean? What entails that sort of action? Total n00b.

  4. He is wearing a raw/dry/unwashed denim. To get EPIC FADES, he doesnt wash it. APCs tend to stretch a lot in areas with a lot of stress, namely the knees. Because he doesnt wash/soak it, it never returns to it original size, hence the knee bulge.

  5. I didn't read your question thoroughly, soaking denim means you literally soak it in a tub of water. It releases loose dye in creases/high stress areas and also shrinks the denim. The higher the temp. of the water, the more shrinkage/dye loss.

  6. The difference between the shoes in the first photo and those in the second is the difference between traditional good taste (classic, understated) and a lack of same.

  7. Curmudgeon- If you are seriously about to tell me that double monk strap shoes are not awesome then I'm going to have to ask you to please stop reading this blog for good.

    I know that might seem brash and rude, but that's how incredibly insulted and ashamed I am right now.

  8. Fed Up With "Fashion"April 11, 2010 at 11:57 PM


    Those "awesome" shoes are about as awesome as Ralph's haircut in the Esquire Best-Dressed (!) contest:

  9. FUWF- Haha, yeah, that haircut is lame. Kid and Play did that shit better than anyone so there is no point in going there.

    I just don't see how anyone who considers themselves a fan of style can not enjoy double monk straps. Enlighten me won't you?

    Are you fed up with style too?

  10. In the days when such offensive, blatantly racist remarks were tolerated, we referred to shoes with toes like that as
    "Puerto Rican Fence-Climbers", my good man.

  11. UWS- I'm no historian, but I am pretty sure double monk straps don't trace their heritage back to Puerto Rico whatsoever so I guess that comment is ignorant in more way than one.

    And I'll be damned if that shit aint a little racist even after your disclaimer. Let's keep it kosher around these parts. Google Analytics tells me I have a few readers in that neck of the woods.

  12. Fed Up With FashionApril 12, 2010 at 12:17 AM

    My idea of style:

  13. FUWF- So you probably like 1 out of ever 4 posts or so on here. That is an average I can live with.


  14. The term "Puerto Rican Fence-Climbers" refers to New York, not Puerto Rico. It was used to describe the sartorial preferences of juvenile delinquents (of Puerto Rican origin) with regard to shoe styles.

  15. Anon @12:23- Right, I am pretty sure it was a term used to describe the pointy toe of shoes worn by immigrants. It was obviously a slight at the fact that the toes could fit through the holes of a fence alluding to border hoping.

    These shoes do have a less natural toe than what you most people are used to seeing around Sart Inc, but they are made by Gant, who is a Swedish brand, hence the more "euro" looking toe.

    Honestly, if people don't dig 'em that's fine. I spent my money because I love double monk straps and I got a great deal on these. I also happen to really dig them. That's that.

  16. I dig the double monks, just not in that particular style. I like the gap between the straps a little narrower, see:

  17. First of all, those are great look.

    Second, I think monk straps got the name and style from Italian monks, that's kind of shoes they used to wear.

    Thirdly, it is brave of you to put yourself out there and have others judge and comments your look and purchases. To those who gave not-very-nice remarks, just shut up and move on. In real life, do you say to the guy in the subway, "what ugly shoes!" until you have the balls to do that in real life, have some manner and shut up.


  18. I can't say that I'm quite totally sold on the monk straps, but after peeping the Italian man in the blue coat looking fresh ta def and then the top down you got, I am quickly coming around. I doubt my fat feet could rock that out though.

  19. Is the Polo Shirt in the top pic a short sleeve? Think I found one on ebay that I might have to use to completely rip off your style.

  20. Thom- It's actually a long sleeve, but go ahead rip away.

  21. "The Sart Inc double monk era officially begins..."

    Perhaps the most important post in the history of sart inc?