Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Regimental Shop

An anonymous reader sent me a tip about The Regimental Shop which has all the British military regalia one could ever want.  From G10 watch straps to umbrellas, there are a ton of cool accessories to either show your pride or borrow a little - that's not meant to be an insult or anything.  Whether or not you believe it is in bad taste to rock a tie from a regiment you didn't serve in I think we all can agree that regimental watch straps are a fine play - a homage if you will.  It's just about that time of year to outfit your watch and their wide range of aforementioned watch straps is pretty impressive.  They have a bunch of G10's I have never seen before and they break it all down by specific regiment, which may be the coolest part.  The Regimental Shop apparently has great service too, taking only 3 days to ship overseas (don't quote me on this) .  Military guys don't play around.


  1. How come the store doesn't list how wide they are? I'm guessing it's 18mm because that seems to be default?

  2. Andrew- That's what I assumed - 18mm. You can always contact them and ask: