Saturday, April 17, 2010

RRL Red Chambray


Size - Small
Fabric - 75% cottom, 25% linen
Country of Origin - China
Fit - RRL has a boxier, more traditional fit, which is why it pays to size down.  I normally wear a size medium in most brands, but this small fits great.  It hits right at mid fly and is perfect non-tucking length.
Color - Faded red hue with white threading

-Selvedge lined gussets and placket
-Double, box pleated breast pockets
-Button-less sleeve plackets
-Heavily stitched sleeve cuffs
-What appears to be mother of pearl buttons
-Straight pointed collar
-Reinforced elbow stitching



  1. Love this shirt. The color is a little bit of perfection and I want one for myself.

  2. Is it still in production, or is this one from last year?

  3. I got a faded denim chambray from a couple months back and I'm in love with it. Wish I could wear it every day.

  4. I forget- this is on the market right Lawrence?:)

  5. TO- I've heard rumors it is still available at some RRL locations.

  6. Ha! I meant that exact one- but resourcefully helpful as always...;)

  7. this shirt is from last year. atlanta is fortunate enough to have a RRL store and i still had to have mine sent from chicago. this is easily the best chambray shirt made. if you can find one, buy it. no joke.

  8. to the guys that bought one - how much did it set you back?

  9. this is icy as hell. gotta find me one..

  10. Does that cuff stitching go through to the outside of the cuffs? That would bug me.

  11. Some Assembly Require- No they do not.

  12. Dude seriously. Where do you get one of these puppies from? I'm down to pay whatever...

  13. i paid $200 or so for mine brand new, but i found a different RRl chambray at a polo outlet ths summer, so if youre hunting hard enough you might find one

  14. If you cant find the RRL version the version
    J Crew has is just as beautiful.Sunbleached, weathered chambray workshirt great details.
    Cotton and linen same as this and fits great and it's only about 90 bucks

  15. I copped one of these at an outlet for $100. Only had M or L, though I'm a M in most RRL shirts it is a tad on the big side...still ill tho!