Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jake Davis Test Shots: Jeremy Kirkland

Jeremy is a business partner of mine and more importantly a good friend.  He was recently featured in Jake Davis' Test Shots series and I thought it would be nice to give him the shine he deserves.  If I made a list of the best dressed people I know JK would easily find himself at the top no question.  Here he is channeling his patented style of urban prep, rocking brands from J. Press to Mark McNairy to Adidas with the kind of ease only developed by paying your dues at Smoothie King and living on the mean streets of Harlem.  This also more than makes up for that shot that was supposed to be on The Sartorialist, but got yanked due to "lighting" - you messed up Scott, you messed up big time.

Jake Davis Test Shots: Jeremy Kirkland from Jake Davis on Vimeo.



  1. He's a nice guy! One time he was on my show and he made us all smoothies. You might think I'm bananas but I was in a coconut dream!

    You need to be on the show next L.A.S.!

  2. he's killing it from the waist up, but I'm sorry, the sneakers, and the pants, are just doofy as fuck. the pants especially. Nothing screams frat asshole at a DMB show more than cargo pants or shorts, anything with cargo pockets. Maybe they'll be okay in like 10 years, but now, nope. Not buying what this guy is selling on the bottom. The print of it, that weird camo, with the other prints, it's also not doing him any favors. If you want to match prints, they shouldn't oppose eachother, like the three he's got here, they should compliment. Almost looks like two separate people, or outfits.

  3. Jacket: nice. The pants are another story. That print will never be classy, and will never be on a staple garment in anyone's closet. White shoes are meant for the summer... They were offensively out of place in that outfit. And cuffing cargo pants????

  4. Another reason I wish I had a slimmer pair of camo pants. For some reason I think the baggy pair I currently use for paintballing wouldn't quite go with my OCBD's

    I'm sorry to go off-topic, but I'm bewildered. Is that the real Oprah posting above??

    If not, perfect impersonation with that joke

  5. A nice camera and a zoolander pose does not make dorky clothes and an inflated view of self-importance look good.