Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hickey S/S 2010

If you checked out Prepidemic recently you saw the bombshell that a new season from the now defunct Hickey has just gone live.  I talked to former Hickey designer Aaron Levine about it and he confirmed that this is indeed the last of his work for the brand.  He told me that the collection was the best out of all his work at Hickey and that he probably would not be getting credit for the gear.  Well let's give some credit where credit is due because the stuff really is incredible.   Highlights for me include the classic looking polos and the linen lined fishtail parka, which are just a small part of the extremely well edited collection.  Overall it's more of the same, but when the same is this good everybody wins.  Seeing what is sure to be the last remnants of one of my favorite brands is a little bittersweet though I am extremely excited that there is still an opportunity to grab some stuff I love and to give one of my favorite designers some deserved shine.  Check out my favorites below.



  1. Part of the joys of being a man is caring about style but still being able to shop at lightning speed.
    As I saw this lineup I easily went;no, no, no way, yes, heavens yes, yes, and yes.
    20 seconds, leaving me time to go back up and admire the linen looking jacket.
    Long live the men's fashion blog!

  2. Do you know if the unconstructed jacket has a fully canvassed front like the H-F mainline, or is it half-canvassed like many of its secondary lines?

  3. The plaid shirt and both shorts, yes. The rest I could skip.

  4. Love that polo and the parka