Monday, April 12, 2010

The Pilgrimage, The Conundrum

In just about a week I will be heading to Savannah for a few days on business.  I am currently in the process of number crunching and schedule shuffling to determine if I will be able to make my pilgrimage to Mecca during that time (no offense to my readers of the Muslim persuasion).  Not only am I a huge fan of everything Sid's doing and stands for, but Ryan's recent fan poll confirmed that I need to get by ass back down to ATL asap.  They also have full nude strip clubs that serve alcohol, not that I'm into that sorta thing of course.   I'll let you guys know what happens. Until then, let's stare at some pictures courtesy of Fred.



  1. If you hit up Atlanta and decide that you will, in fact partake in the special southern indulgence of full nude strip clubs, be sure to check out the Clermont Lounge at the especially seedy Clermont Hotel. Thank me later. My one suggestion - don't wear your Gant suede double monks...

  2. Oh weird...I'm going to be in Atlanta for the next couple days. I just posted about trying to make it over to Sid Mashburn. Hope I/you find the time to visit.