Thursday, April 15, 2010

Marina Yachting


Marina Yachting is an Italian brand tapping into a century hold heritage (the company relaunched itself in 1972 with its first official collection) of maritime garments.  For those devoted to the sea, both technically and stylistically, no matter where they reside.

"Marina Yachting 1972 – old is new. The year of birth of the brand marks an elite collection of genuine, well-lived, worn-out navy outfits in “genuine”, worn-out, used and stained fabrics such as malfil√© canvas, creased linen, raw cotton. Original flags inspired by nautical signaling are applied by hand, aged, ripped, treated with washings to make them look “old”. Grosgrain ribbons and hand-trimmed embroideries with metal mesh anchors add marine touches.

Today’s yachtsman looks back to a glorious past-from the perfect but deliberately disheveled blazer jacket, to the cotton bermuda shorts with ropes used as drawstring; from stone washed t-shirts with the “1972” embroidery, to fisherman’s ribs with a cord crochet neckline. Hand-scraped wooden toggles, vintage stars-shaped tabs, very accurate lining details contrast the “old” appearance.
This is a very fashionable “design museum” that re-defines the canons of uncompromise elegance."

Check out some highlights (the red deck jacket and draw string cargo shorts look incredible)  below, which come from what appears to be four aesthetically distinct collections.



  1. I don't like "shorts" that go beyond the knee

  2. This is really good looking stuff. I wish I could buy it somewhere closer than Slovenia.

  3. Anyone going to Italy or Egypt let me know, there are some shirts and sweaters you can pick up for me. Can I pay you back in dollars?

  4. I've a few Marina Yachting pieces bought on holiday in la Bella Italia. Nice stuff. Never seen it anywhere else though.

  5. Ahh nice collection, no way to get this in USA huh?

  6. hey what fashionable clothes... the shorts and the T-shirts are so good, I would like to have them in my closet!