Sunday, April 4, 2010


This new web belt with nickel bit from  Polo is probably one of the coolest belts I've seen in a while and I'm not a guy who gets excited about belts so that's saying a lot.  Most people are familiar with web belts based on the fact that you can get them at any Army Navy surplus store for like 5 bucks, but this Polo joint has to be the most upscale and unique take on it I have ever seen.  Like lots of Ralph's reworked classics the belt takes it's inspiration from the world of equestrian pursuits - a world I have no experience with because I am nothing more than a humble, average person of society.  According to the website the belt's "attachment [is] inspired by a horse's bridle bit", which for those just as humble and average as myself is this S&M looking thing.  So yeah, this belt is awesome and ridiculously expensive, but for anyone who isn't already rocking a hoof pick belt this could be a nice alternative.  That is, of course, if you've got any money laying around after you're done buying your daughter that pony she's been bitching about.

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