Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lusting After: Southern Proper Bean Boot Neckwear

Seen over at Dreams of Perfection these new ties and bows from Southern Proper are serious lust worthy due to the fact they aren't yet available for purchase and happen to feature the Sart Inc "mascot" plastered all over them.  I'm not sure when this collection, dubbed "Town & Country", will be available, but you can bet your ass that come fall you'll be able to catch me with one of these tied around my neck and Bean boots on my feet (you most likely knew half of that already).  You would think that after the purchase of many a pair my Bean boot habit would be under control - well you thought wrong.  Hell, it's tough to even make out the exact pattern on the ties and yet I'm already sold.  Blame rampant consumerism. Blame an unhealthy fixation. Blame whatever you want. I guess it comes down to wearing your influences on your sleeve or your neck for that matter.



  1. Love it. I've got a couple of SP's bow ties, and the quality is vastly better than a certain Massachusetts-based tie-crafter.

  2. Are 8 inch bean boots too much to wear during rain in the summertime?

  3. I love these boots where did get these fancy pieces of art.