Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't Be Afraid

As I previously mentioned I am not the biggest shorts guy.  Instead, I have always been drawn to chinos or other warm weather pants when the temperatures increase.  Regardless of whether or not you guys feel the same way I think it is important to have a pretty air tight chino arsenal.  I realize that you pretty much only need one great fitting pair, but if you are looking to add to your collection I think it would be smart to consider one pair of pleated joints.  All the tips and positives of pleated shorts apply here as well - we want to keep the number of pleats at 2 maximum and obviously everything should be realtively trim.  Whether that's a tappered leg, a straight leg or even something skinny the amount of fabric should be under control.  If things are starting to bunch or sag, especially in those pleated areas, you know you've gone over the line.  With proportions under control your pants will have some killer lines and structure.

I just got the Michael Bastian pair seen below to get my own fix, but if you are more responsible than myself you might want to check out this version from J. Crew.  Both pants keep the pleats to a minimal and feature a slimmer leg like previously mentioned.  A pair of these freshly creased is something incredibly stylish, classic and can set you apart from everyone who has completely jumped ship to flat front exclusively.  People often fear what they don't understand - understand the pleat and make it work for you.


  1. I'm definitely not afraid to work this. I'm afraid of those bloated, middle aged corporate guys continuing to wear it but then again, what the hell can you do?

    P.S. Hey bro, I think you meant to tag "Bastian" instead of "Jordan" ;)

  2. I am thinking to get the Engineered garments cambridge in lightweight chambray.

    what do you gentlemen think?

    Oh, this is strictly for weekends only.



  3. Where did you find the MB piece? Always on the look out for stray's, especially on sale.

  4. Junctioned- I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy...haha

    But seriously, a buddy was selling his pair.

  5. pleats look great, but dude where is that jacket from?

  6. Andrew- You must not read what I write haha...that's all Bastian.

  7. ha, i thought you were just referring to the chinos. new reader... i just sifted through a bunch of your blogs, great stuff.

    that jacket is cash though. any suggestions where i can find it or something like it?