Monday, April 19, 2010

Attn: The Windmill Club S/S 2010 Goes Live

My friend Kevin and his tie brand, The Windmill Club, have just put their S/S 2010 collection up for grabs.  I've talked about them quite a bit here at Sart Inc as I believe in both the product and the brand.  When I start preaching about "people who are doing things right" you can bet your ass I am talking about TWC.  For all things TWC related (i.e. hands on review, interview, etc.) be sure to click the tag at the bottom of the post. Cheers to Kevin and all the cool things he is doing both sartorially and otherwise.



  1. I really like their tie designs, but they're so skinny! Nearly knit-tie skinny. I'm just not sure how to work a tie that skinny.

  2. I agree, too skinny. I would say 2.5 inches is a great tie width but anything smaller is hard to pair with other clothes out of this decade.

  3. Got two first thing this morning, thanks. I like mine thin, so when the first three comments complain these are too narrow I know I made the right decision.