Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Season, Newbury

When Rugby's Newbury chino jacket hit the airwaves people got pretty excited.  Not only was the jacket affordable (that's a relative term, I know), but it apparently had all the right details and fit. Angelo's review seemed to confirm this and as it stands today I think the Newbury is one of the better "entry level" jackets available for purchase.  While a chino sportcoat is by no means out of season, Rugby has just released two versions that have summer undoubtbly writter all over them.  With the Newbury now available in both seersucker and madras your summer tailored goods, or lack thereof, can begin the process of getting coming together.  While the faint of heart will obviously be more inclined to snipe the chino version, those of us with a little more moxy can grab one of these GTH-ish numbers to pair up with our chinos - both shorts and pants alike.  Keep in mind that this jacket is supposed to fit a little more snuggly and modern than your "classic" options. With a shorter length on the body and sleeves this is definitely a better look for a younger guy.  I can't say how this compares the J. Crew Lundlow suit cut, but I believe it fits in a similar vein. The Kentucky Derby is around the corner and if you hurry you might just be able to get this in time for all the mint juleps and making fun of ladies in stupid hats.  No flip flops need apply.



  1. Are they for real with that model wearing flip flops? Not a good look...

  2. A madras jacket is forever. A madras waistcoat is, well, no -- never.

  3. I'll be interested in checking it out. In my experience Rugby stuff always looks great on the rack, however, the fit of their Chino jackets is nearly always poorly conceived. I tried on a navy version in a medium a few years ago and it looked great if you stood with your arms at your sides but restricted movement in an unnatural manner that made the look of the jacket look ridicules. It was
    truly a bizarre fit.

  4. Ditto Murph's comment. I ordered the Newbury chino jacket a month or so back and it was just kind of small and awkward. Honestly, the $60 Lands End Canvas jacket was nearly as nice and the fit was better.

  5. Yeah man, I love me some seersucker but they really fucked it up on that model from the waist down.

    dig that patch pocket though.

  6. dave h.:

    w/o sounding too weird, what are the sizes you got for the newbury vs. lands end? i ordered a jacket from llbean signature and i could've been carrying a mean food baby, or 11 in my stomach with the sack-esque fit to the body. is lands end canvas a more modern fit?


  7. RDJ,

    It sure appears that way. I was also really unhappy with the shirts I got from the Signature line. I'm probably just shy of 5'10" and generally wear a medium/40" jacket, but the shirts were blousy and unfortunate looking. It reminded me of trying on my Dad's old clothes in middle school. Which is really unfortunate because I'm really digging the style of the clothes.

    I haven't tried much from the Canvas line, but I do have one of the Oxfords and that fits much closer to the body than the comparable Signature line item. I also felt like the tails of the Signature shirts, at least for me, were too long to wear untucked. That's probably not a problem for a taller dude, but I wanted something I could wear both ways. And yeah, the medium chino jacket from Canvas fits me perfectly. The medium Newbury was just a bit too tight in all the wrong places and like Murph said, looked OK unbuttoned and with my arms down by my sides but moving around was going to be a production.

    I'd say that the two items I have from the Canvas collection are a more modern fit than the comparable Signature items.

  8. A man never wears sandals.

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