Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Showers Bring...

...May shirting.

[Picture via Run of The Mill.]



  1. Now I get all the McNairy plugs..

  2. Anon- Haha, because I'm not allowed to have a favorite designer, right?

  3. I tried on some McNairy shirting @ Epaulet in BK, and I've gotta say it didn't live up to my expectations. He uses the same factories/tailors that Brooks Bros uses, and the oxfords feel VERY similar to BB non-iron polo shirting, but the shirts have very long tails that are intended to be tucked in. I don't care if you're 6'4", you can't rock them untucked.

  4. Anon- Interesting. I love the fabric. It is Japanese cotton oxford cloth and has a great weight to it (I am not sure the exact weight off the top of my head).

    Mark's cut is indeed a more traditional one, but I just size down and have found the fit to be spot on, at least for me.

    Also, it should be noted that Epaulet's oxfords do not use the same factory/tailors as Mark. They bought some extra fabric off of him and did everything else in house.

  5. I have a shirt I purchased not too long ago. The shirts are indeed made in the USA in North Carolina (same as Black Fleece). In my opinion they resemble Thom Browne's old shirts when they were made by Gambert in NJ. In fact, they even use the same machines that Gambert uses!

    The cuffs are nice and stiff and allow you to really break them in. The collar is a bit higher. Its now my go to shirt for almost every occasion.

    I'm gonna design a line of them for women and give them away on my show with a car!

    Last but NOT least, wear your shirts tucked in and don't be a dickhead.

    Oprah signing off!

  6. I have no issues w/ the cut in the body/sleeves, but the length/tails implies that its meant to be tucked. The joints I tried on were McNairy's signature label, not the Epaulet collabo.

  7. Anon- I had no idea Epaulet was ever carrying shirts from Mark's New Amsterdam line...are you sure they weren't the "callabos"?

  8. The length implies they are meant to be tucked in, however they lack buttons all the way down the placket indicating that they are meant to be worn UNtucked. Kind of strange. I saw a picture of Mark wearing one untucked and it hung almost down to his knees. Weird. When the shirts are tucked they do look great though. $0.02