Monday, April 19, 2010

Old Sport

After re-watching The Great Gatsby I have come to a few distinct conclusions:
1.  This film has the best S/S wardrobe of all time, hands down.  Seriously, try to find something that even comes close - it's next to impossible.  The costume design, courtesy of Academy Award winner Theoni E. Aldredge, doesn't feel even remotely as dated as one might expect and these screenshots could easily be taken from a recent Ralph Lauren collection (maybe slim up those pantalones just a tad).  And what a collection that would be, goddamn.
2. If you had any doubts whatsoever that club collars, collar pins, pocket watches, spectators and waistcoats worn all at once was absolutely unstoppable this should finally seal the deal.
3. Daisy Buchanan is easily the most annoying character in the history of cinema, just narrowly beating out this idiot for the title.
4. This movie becomes infinitely more entertaining if you yell out, "I'm Jay Gatsby mothaf**ka!" every time Robert Redford appears on screen.



  1. I love that you posted this. It allows me to finally post the line that most often comes to mind when I click on Sart Inc:

    "They're such beautiful shirts," she sobbed, her voice muffled in the thick folds." It makes me sad because I've never seen such--such beautiful shirts before."

    pg 92

  2. This is so fresh, good post,

    by the way in the 11th pic, what's that vest called with the tuxedo?

  3. I read the book this past summer. It's a great beach book; short chapters, summer fun in East/West Egg and NYC. I tried watching the movie and it was wicked boring. The Great Gatsby is definitly up for a remake. And that pink suit is very awesome and looks great with the white shoes.

  4. the paul rudd version is pretty B.A. as well

  5. If you look into it you'll find that Ralph Lauren was actually a consultant on and designed much of the wardrobe for this film.

    That said, I still dig the Dickey Greenleaf's digs much more...

  6. Interestingly, there is a decades long dispute over who truly designed the wardrobe of the film, as detailed in the book "Genuine Authentic". The claim is that Theoni V. Aldredge (who won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design on the film) ordered suits cut to her specifications from Ralph Lauren, but that she actually designed the wardrobes. Having said that, it certainly appears to be very RL.

    As to the movie itself, it's filmed and staged beautifully, which is a shame, because it is so awful. Unfortunately it doesn't come close to the exquisiteness of the book.

    Loving the site, Lawrence, and especially digging the movie screenshot posts.

  7. Antonio-

    TTMR is up there, no doubt, but someone else just did a screenshot style post on it so I refrained.

  8. From David's post: "It's a great beach book; short chapters, summer fun in East/West Egg and NYC."

    Somehow I don't think he is kidding.

  9. @Anon: It is classic literature, he doesn't need to?

  10. Haven't seen this movie but I had a good laugh at "this idiot"

  11. amazing, only redford can wear a pink suit without looking like a clown.

  12. @fabiosciarretta I totally agree with you.