Thursday, April 1, 2010


Asos is currently pushing some good looking Hackett belts that are currently on sale.  While I'm not the biggest belt guy in the entire world I do know that you need a few here and there to keep your gear tight - literally and figuratively.  Their wovens and D ring joints looks pretty tasty and those bamboo accents are just next level.  Say what you want about bamboo accents on belts being the opposite of classic and understated, I don't care.  I think they look absolutely boss, whether or not you live in a cabana with a monkey named 'Zeke.  If the bamboo joints are a little too out there for you, there are a few "out of season" wools and tartans as well which, quite frankly, I would have no problem wearing up until labor day - I mean, who is going to not wear their black watch belt as much as possible?



  1. "[N]ot the biggest belt gut" is a rather amusing typo.

    Thanks for the heads up. I recently discovered your blog via a friend of a friend's tweets and am a huge fan. In fact, yours was the blog that convinced me I needed a "Fashion" folder in my RSS reader. /nerdery

  2. Dave- Hahaha, thanks for proofreading and kind words.