Monday, October 12, 2009

"Especially in my Pastelle or my Bape..."

So the first lookbook shots of Kanye West's clothing line, Pastelle (Past Tell? Who knows at this point), have dropped and they are quite...well...underwhelming.  He's been spotted out and about in lots of these pieces before so unless he has some cooler stuff up his varsity jacket sleeve you wont find me perusing the racks looking for this stuff anytime soon.  Kanye has always been a visionary, from his music to his fashion sense and he is consistently one of the best dressed entertainers, but this line shows no real forward thinking (part of me thinks all the delays are to blame).  Pastelle seems to be just another streetwear brand biting Bape (i.e. Play Cloths, BBC/Ice Cream).  Mr. West could argue that since streetwear was never my thing his line couldn't have blown me away regardless, but I think that's a cop out.  Kanye has the designer chops, see: his Nike and Louis Vuitton collaborations, but this line just doesn't seem to be breaking any new ground.  Blatant retreads of wildly successful things are still blatant retreads. From a guy dressed as good as Kanye I guess my expectations were just too high.  I'll do my best to reserve judgement until some more official stuff leaks but until then I think I'll pass on the varsity jackets (and the tigers?).  I mean, I'm not in high school anymore...

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p.s. I don't plan on being a blogger that sits around and hates on stuff all day.  All of his personality flaws aside, I love the art Kanye creates and this post is me venting my disapointment more than anything else.

update: looks like Kanye read my post...



  1. after Kanye's shenanigans with Taylor Swift, he's off my radar and don't mind you hating on him.

  2. His actions were extremely unprofessional, but at the end of the day I can recognize and appreciate what he creates. Oh yeah, he also buys lots of nice clothes.