Friday, October 9, 2009

Stumbled Across: The Sporting Life

Straight out of Three Oaks Michigan comes J. L. Powell, an American sporting goods manufacturer.  I forget how I came to find these guys, but, needless to say, their stuff is spectacular.  Everything by these guys looks absolutely amazing, so I went ahead and picked out a few all-stars although I cannot afford a single thing I am about to highlight.  Sartorially Inclined normally passes on the "photo essay", but these clothes speak for themselves. Welcome to the sporting life...

[Denim shirt...$198]

[Fair Isle Sweater...$275]

[Sailing Sweater...$157]

[Bar Harbor Vest...$298]

[Bush Pilot Jacket...$387]

[Buffalo Boot...$470]

[Burnt Pine Boot...$850]

All pictures courtesy of J.L. Powell. Happy Hunting.

p.s. Whoever shot this catalog is convinced photos taken on an angle are the coolest thing ever.



  1. That fair isle would easily become a heritage piece for the next generation...

  2. DAM - I can't get over those buffalo boots and bar harbor vest...such amazing pieces. These clothes are absurdly expensive, but if your intent is to pass them down to your grandsons then I guess its well worth it. At the end of the day, I just want affordable, awesome, American made sporting gear...

  3. I really do love some of his stuff but I find it grossly overpriced for what it appears to be. After looking at the catalog I think you have to be choosy as to what you pick. The buffalo boots look great and are made in the USA. It looks to me as though they were made by Yuketen which I don't think would fetch near 470 at retail in any other store...

  4. MikeMaher - Yeah, the Yuketen resemblence is always being choosy is the name of the game, especially when it comes to the overprice heritage brands (no matter how awesome they may be). Thanks for following btw!