Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Looks: "All Black (Watch) Everything"

[Pictured: The Black Watch badge and tartan.]

It's no secret here at Sartorially Inclined we love our plaids and tartans.  When it comes to fall style, you can't really go wrong with any variety of plaids, though be careful when mixing and matching (to play it safe we recommend not doing it at all).  Not all plaids are created equal, however, and it is Black Watch that holds the number one spot in our heart (see: new +J sportshirt acquired from Uniqlo a while back) . 

The Black Watch were the 3rd Battalion in the Royal Regiment of Scotland whose name derives from the dark tartan that they wore while patrolling, or more literally "watching", the Scotish Highlands.  Since The Black Watch pattern is considered "free tartan" anyone can wear it without showing any disrespect to our Scottish friends (thank you Wikipedia).  In that case, here are some awesome Black Watch pieces for you to wear this fall while patrolling your own "Highlands" aka your local dive bar...

Gap Fitted Thomas Checked Shirt...$39.50

Polo Ralph Lauren Black Watch Tartan Bow Tie...$70.00

The Hill-Side Black Watch Plaid Coated Cotton Tie...$83.00

L.L. Bean Lambswool Scarf...$39.00

L.L. Bean Fleece-Lined Flannel Shirt...$54.00

L.L. Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas...$44.50

Orivs Tartan Driving Cap...$49.00

Orvis Black Watch Blazer...$450.00

Orvis Scottish Tartan Trousers...$129.00

Whatever plaid items you are looking into this fall, be it a new shirt jacket or set of pajamas, consider getting it in black watch.  It's versatile, steeped in history and looks fantastic.  While some of this stuff is a bit "traddy", pairing it up with other modern, basic fall essentials is a quick and easy way to put together a great fall outfit.  Wear your black watch blazer over a white oxford and some cords or throw that black watch shirt jacket over a white t-shirt and some denim.  Currently, Sartorially Inclined's most coveted black watch look is a white oxford paired with the neckwear (the Polo bow tie or Hill-Side tie) seen above and some raw denim.  The possibilities are pretty endless.  If you are going to get "all plaid out" this fall stick with some black watch while the Scots are still letting us in on their fun...



  1. The Pajamas are on my fall "wish" list - they sold out last year and by god I will not let them through my grasp this year.

  2. Those PJ's are so boss. I'm not suprised at all they sold out last year.