Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Toggle Fever > Swine Flu

[Pictured: Company of We Moses Toggle Coat...$325]

Everyone, including Sartorially Inclined, is endorsing Duffle coats (or toggle coats) this fall.  Valet. Mag just did a great piece on them in their Fall Buying Guide '09 entitled "The Classic" so check it out for a neat primer on the must have coat for fall. 

These British coats trace their history back to WWI, where they were worn by the British Royal Navy and have since become synomous with American preppy/nautical style.  There are a ton of options/variations out there so browse around (def. check eBay) for a style and color that suits your fall look.  My personal favorite (see above) is the offering from Company of We. It comes in a great naval colorway with white roping fasteners, a beautifully designed collar and cool leather details.

Since moving to the south my need for such a heavy wool coat has diminished, but if I was anywhere above the Mason-Dixon line you'd bet your ass I would be purchasing one of these as we speak. Thanks to J. Crew I can still get my duffle fix thanks to their awesome toggle hoodie.  The hoodie is a fall standard much like the duffle coat, so this is a great hybrid take on two classics.  J. Crew's offering is made of superfine wool, so it should be good for those chilly days and nights, even down here in Charlotte.  It is a little pricey, but for those of us who don't need to buy a new coat, this is a reasonable alternative.  Swine Flu, eat your heart out, I've got toggle fever...

[Pictured: J. Crew Wool Toggle Hoodie...$188]



  1. And they last - I have my grandfather's duffle coat from when he first moved to DC in the 50's and it's in great condition. Original horn toggles and all...

  2. That's awesome...I've been looking at vintage duffle coats for a while on eBay and even though I have no need for one, it's going to be real hard to not pull the trigger when I find a winner...

  3. Thanks for sharing, I want to change all my closet since 2 years ago .___. but that wouldn't be possible until now and you show me this haha
    I guess I'm gonna try it this years following your advices.