Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Looks: Lace Up

I was commenting over at [you_have_broken_the_internet] on Ryan's Sperry Chukkas, when I realized how awesome they would look if they had the signature yellow and brown L.L Bean shoelaces you often see on their boots and bluchers.  While I couldn't find L.L. Bean shoelaces being sold seperately anywhere, I did find the next best, or even better, thing.

[Pictured: Danner laces...$5. Picture courtesy of]

Danner is an American manufacturer that specializes in boots and various accessories.  As it turns out they sell a variety of replacement laces, including the awesome yellow and brown ones mentioned earlier.  While I am normally a stickler for details, shoelaces never really did it for me...until now.  Think about those once favorite pair of shoes or boots that may have fallen by the wayside or gotten stale.  By adding something as minor as new shoelaces those very same, tired kicks can be amped up for fall (and for $5).  These yellow and brown laces have autumn/heritage written all over them and it's rare that something so small and cheap can make such a difference.  Sartorially Inclined's weathered, brown wingtips may just be in need of an upgrade...what a unique way to dress 'em down and 'em change up.

[Pictured: Danner laces in action. Picture courtesy of]

A bunch of different lengths and colors are for sale so no matter what kind of shoe/boot is sitting in the back of your closet, you should be able to find something suitable.  I plan on ordering my own pair so hopefully I'll be able to post some before and after pics...



  1. Try these guys too... a little shorter and only $3!

  2. I'm absolutely loving how cheap these laces are...the shorter ones are def. great if you are trying to spruce up anthing non-boot...good looks dude.

  3. L.A.S <> Thanks for coming over - fixed your link sir! :)

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