Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stumbled Across: Eastland Shoes

[Pictured: Eastland's Maine staff.  Picture courtesy of]

I don't know how I've missed out on Eastland, but I'm happy I've found them.  Probably best known for their eponymous knot, this Maine based, family-owned shoe company has been turning out classic styles since 1955 .  Their shoes are affordable and while the majority of their stock is no longer produced in the USA, Eastland is known for both the quality of their shoes and their world-class customer service.

It's no secret here at Sartorially Inclined that shoes are highly coveted, so any chance to get some classic, quality shoes on the cheap is taken quite seriously.  Almost all of Eastland's boots and "retro classics" are under $100 a clip and look great.  They serve as a great alternative to lots of the styles being sold by companies ranging from L.L. Bean to Red Wing at a higher price point.  Check out some of their best offerings below...


The idea of a blucher boot is kind of fascinating to me.  It's a style I rarely see and one that I often overlook.  If traditional blucher mocs are a little to S/S for you, this is a great alternative.  I can even see these going great with your shorts when the weather warms up, similar to the Desert Boots and shorts look popularized the past few years.

Falmouth...currently on sale for $49.99

I've already talked about the L.L. Bean Blucher so I won't spend to much time talking about virtually the exact same shoe plus a little Eastland branding.  I will say this however...Bean's Blucher is $65 while this shoe is on sale for $50.  Yeah, I just ordered my own pair too.


Another classic blucher style moc available from Eastland.  With boat shoe style 360 degree lacing, this shoe would look great with the aforementioned Eastland knot.

Lumber Up...$90.00

Another Red Wing alternative.  These boots are everywhere these days and there's no reason you shouldn't be able to get a pair.  If price is the number one factor in your boot decision making this fall, you're welcome.  I can almost guarantee these will last longer than any other rip-off out there.


Moc toe boots have hit the bigtime and Eastland is offering a few models.  I'm really digging these Timberland-esque boots due to their boat shoe references.  I saw a street style picture over at Complex, which pairs these boots with some slim denim and the combination looks great as far as I can tell.  At $100 these good looking boots are a bargain.

p.s. For anyone looking to update their bluchers/boat shoes with a fresh Eastland knot, here is another detailed guide on how to.



  1. Nice find man. I too am a footwear fiend, more so than any other wearable good. While I totally back the whole "buy right and buy once" school of thought, you can only do that with so many things (unless you're made of $$$) so I love bargain finds. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Oh, and my two cents...The Seneca blucher boot looks great, and seems like a more unique take on an ankle height moccasin (Quoddy Deck Chukka, Arrow Lace Boot, etc). The Falmouth looks nice, but honestly, for just $15 more, I would go with the LL Bean bluchers. The profile on the LL Beans look better to me...almost like the Maliseet Oxford by Quoddy. What really caught my eye though was the Lumber Up. I gotta pull the trigger on those at $90. I've been wanting a pair of Red Wings like that forever. I feel like these could last long enough to get at least one resole out of them, which is something I couldn't say about the AE ones.

  3. Newgrass - The Seneca does look great. You're def. right as far as it resembling the other ankle mocs you reference. I ended up getting a pair of the Eastland bluchers so I am going to do a post on them based on your thoughts regarding the profile. And if you would like I could send you an extended email about them...just let me know. As far as the Lumber up is concerned, I knew there was going to be interest. The AE boots are, well, from AE so I didn't think people would be chopping at the bits. If you do end up copping those, post about 'em...I'd love to see them in some pics.

  4. Hey there L.A.S,
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    Would be cool if you uploaded some pics of where and with what you're wearing your Eastlands.

    Thanks again,
    Mary @ Eastland Shoe

  5. Mary,

    Thanks so much for the coupon...I wish I had that yesterday when I bought the bluchers! Anyhow, I appreciate the kind words and the if I needed any more of a reason to get the Seneca ankle bluchers...

  6. Nice find LAS. I really like their version of the desert boot, the "Abracadabra."

  7. Nice reminder. I often forget about Eastland, but they really are classics. And reasonably priced as well.

  8. J.P. - Reasonable priced is an understatment, especially with the discount mentioned above. Highly recommended

  9. I assume that the Seneca is based off on the design of the now-absent LL Bean Ranger Moc? Mentioned, but not pictured in the Preppy Handbook.

  10. Trip - I guess so, but I prefer this model to the Bean offering...the upper seems sleeker, at least in this photo...

  11. another moc toe boot alt'. don't like the cuff much though...

  12. James - The cuff and external branding is a deal breaker for me on the Carhartt's.

  13. the eastlands are a good look indeed. i came across the lumber up by happenstance at my local nordstrom rack, and had to pull the trigger immediately. i have the full grain black pair, and i recently scooped up a pair of tan suede ones. incredible. and they seem to be on sale all over the internet. i highly recommend them. super squishy footbed, qualitly leathers. they are awesome. a perfect choice for anyone not able to do the redwing thing. i'm almost positive they're made in the same factory as the redwing inspired line.

  14. Beautiful shoes that's what I was looking for because they're casuals, I could wearing those shoes when I want, when I going to my job, in an important meeting, during a date, in a dinner with the woman I love, besides I saw there are a lot of styles for different personalities.

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  16. I like the design and features of the Seneca. The shoe looks good. Where can I find them for purchasing?