Friday, October 30, 2009

Jack Of All Spades

[Pictured: Inspiration courtesy of Andy Spade.]

Kate Spade's husband, Andy Spade (David Spade's brother. Yes, really), best known for his line of bag's and accessories has gotten around to making clothes and it's about time.  His brand, Jack Spade, has gained momentum, since its debut in 1999, thanks to it's simplicity and functionality.  When you're first bag is sold in a hardware store, you know you've got something good. 

Much like the bags he's famous for designing, his clothes are built around clean, classic lines.  Sart Inc revels in this kind of simplicity or, should we say, sartorial efficency.  Jack Spade's S/S 2010 clothes have hit the web and you can see some of the line over at Acquire.  Below you will find some of my personal favorites available now over at their webstore.  A crispy white oxford, a weeks set of italian ice colored, gingham hankerchiefs and a cabled, shawl collar cardigan are a very direct way to my heart.

The Beekman...$145

Set of Days of the Week Handkerchiefs...$95

The Lorrilard...$345

[All pictures courtesy of Jack Spade.]



  1. I like the set of handkercheifs. I can't believe that David Spade and Andy Spade are brothers. Learn something new everyday.

  2. Memphis - That's what I'm here for buddy.

  3. Love Andy Spade!
    He's the inspiration for my blog.

  4. I like that shirt, The Beekaman, I don't know looks like the perfect piece of cloth that you could use alone, with jeans or a formal pants, in any occassion, since a party until a funeral.