Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Looks: Bundled Up (Part 2 of 2) - Gloves

I have absolutely no need for gloves in Charlotte, but since I'm not that ego-centric I put together my favorite offerings for this F/W.  Coming from the considerbly cooler Northeast originally, I know a thing or two about a great pair of gloves (as if there is really anything to know in the first place).  I personally prefer fingerless or convertible options because they are much more functional and you look that much cooler.  I put together a bunch of different price points and styles, but as you know with gloves they typically fall into two categories: hi-tech and classic.  As with everything else that has ever made it onto Sart Inc, my picks skew towards the classic.  I've listed materials in parentheses because a man should know what he's getting himself, and his hands, into.  Buy one of these and safely remove your hands from your pants...

Asos Fair Isle Design Fingerless (100% Acrylic)...$10.47

While I don't recommend matching these up with your awesome new fair isle sweater, these gloves are a cheap way to inject a little seasonal flair (excuse my word choice) into your getup.  They may be the cheapest of the bunch, don't forget these badboys ship from the UK.

Penfield Knitted Fingerless Mitten (100% Acrylic)...$31.40

Leave it to Penfield to make the only mittens that are even remotely cool.  You know you are getting great quality from these guys, but kudos the MA brand on the details.  I'm really into these red accents.  Just like above, keep in mind shipping as these are from a UK retailer.

Urban Outfitters Herringbone Gloves (Polyurethane, Acrylic)...$28.00

The poor man's herring bone blazer you can wear on your hands!  Faux suede included!  In all seriousness, for under $30 you are unlikely to find a dandier pair of gloves.  We all know class is an illusion anyway...right?

Filson Merino Wool Fingerless Gloves (84% Merino Virgin Wool, 11% Nylon, 3% Acrylic, 2% Lycra)...$22.00

If I was actually buying gloves these Filson fingerless options would be my go to.  A fingerless design in classic gray with real deal, made in the U.S.A quality.  Perfect in their simplicity. Perfect in their functionality.

Steven Alan Wool Camp Glove (Wool, Leather, 100% Cashmere lined)...$125.00

You may have already seen these floating around the blogosphere at some point because they are Steven Alan and his products demand attention.  If you take your gloves as seriously as, say, your jackets then these are the gloves for you (I mean, that is Woolrich plaid).  Like everything Steven Alan makes, it's all about the genius reinterpretation of our staple items.  In this case, peep the thumb slit for easy and stylish iPhoning, Blackberrying and texting your bff's. 

Orvis Trigger Finer Uplander Glove (Leather)...$59.00

The swagger that comes from wearing a glove with a trigger finger (a magnet holds the finger back in place!) is undeniably priceless.  Great for busting caps and picking your nose...not necessarily in that order.



  1. I'm sure you seen the Steven Alan cashmere driving glove. Now if only I didn't have a tendency towards losing gloves and... you know... like a job n' stuff. It looks like a glove you can wear with most jackets except leather.
    My question has been for sometime, "what kind of glove do you wear with a leather jacket?" I've always assumed it's been wool and other cloth gloves but those always tend to end up looking cheap. I'm leaning towards your Asos or Filson gloves when it comes to gloves that would go with a coat like that but even then...

  2. Enthusiast - For my leather jacket I'd go with the fair isle gloves from Asos. Juxtaposition is always fun to mess around with and I can see these gloves going great against the "too cool for school" leather jacket and jeans look. But yeah, leather gloves and a leather jacket is one pair of chaps away from...well, you catch my drift...

  3. I agree with you on the Filson fingerless options, if I was looking for a pair of gloves those would be mine!

    Penfield is nice, a local favorite as I am from Boston, and Penfield is located about an hour west of me.

    If I regularly carried a gun, I would definitely get the Orvis joints!

    I usually only wear gloves when shoveling and snowboarding and stick to the technical variety (a la Burton, North Face, etc.)

  4. The Penfields are dope. I'm looking for gloves right now, want the Alans, but I'm out of money for awhile so it's one-size knits from the gas station for now.

    Got you in our blogroll finally.

  5. Angelo - Thanks for rolling me out...and no matter what your budget you can def. afford these dope Filsons...

  6. I've had those Filson's for 2 years. They are the perfect winter glove. They leave your fingers open for manipulating keys, coffee, and the iPhone. Hands down winner.
    They make a great Christmas gift too...I gave away 10 pairs last year.

  7. love these....but oh I am sooo anti anything knit acrylic [that is new] Vintage/OKAY......

  8. I love the idea of fingerless gloves (iphone use) but do you lose a little warmth in the process?

  9. Joe - 10 pairs...that's one hell of an endorsement!

    Ms. Marj - You have a point about acrylic, but when it looks as good as those Asos fair isle's you got to let it slide...

    Skip - You do loose a little warmth, but you gain a whole lot of swagger.

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