Friday, October 23, 2009

Schlubbin' It

[Pictured: Menswear designer Michael Bastian.  Picture Courtesy of The Sartorialist.]

When I get a glimpse of a designer like Michael Bastian looking absolutely fresh to death (prep to death?). I can't help but think "Ah, what a the very least this guy must have an amazing wardrobe".  Interestingly enough, The New York Times Fashion Blog, The Moment, has an intriguing look at designers who recently, for whatever reason, have been dressing like your neighbor.  I was actually pretty amazed at some of the big names that find themselves in this slideshow of mediocrity, although I can't agree with the inclusion of Robert Geller.  The guy loves denim (cough Levi's callabo cough) and I'm cool with that.



  1. A friend of mine once told me not to judge a designer by how he looks, but rather the looks he produces for others. I realize it's a bit like the cobbler's children without any shoes, but I agreed with him since then.

    I feel like I dress better than Michael Kors, but I'm pretty sure he can dress/design better for others than I can.

    That aside, you raise a good point - you would think these guys would step up their game a little...

  2. D. Prep - I remember Bastian once saying how he can't afford his own clothes...If that is the case, how about reducing the price, eh...when it comes down to it, these dudes are good at what they do, but c' am I supposed to buy your stuff if you can't even dress yourself...

  3. Like Bastian a lot! My best friend used to intern for him and introduced me to his line.... good stuff! :)

  4. I remember reading a piece on him and in one of the pictures he had on a pair of Bean camp mocs. He talked about how much he liked them at another point in the interview. I get the impression that what you see above is how he normally dresses. His own collection is basically a twist on the classics. I wish he'd lower the prices, too. I love his stuff, but the prices are insane.

  5. Oh, and I wish my neighbors dressed like that. The world would be a better places if everyone's neighbors did.

  6. Memphis - No one is denying how great Bastian looks and as far as his love for Bean Bluchers go, I mentioned that when I talked about them back in September.

    You have to agree that the designers in the slideshow were dressed very pedestrian. Whether or not you think that is a good thing is a completely different story.