Friday, October 30, 2009

Style Icons: Good Vibrations

I am an unapologetic Beach Boys fan and have even been known to bust out a few tunes accapella every now and then when I get a couple of drinks in me.  As I was running errands earlier this afternoon and rocking out to "Barbara Ann" I began to think of breazy, 1960's California.  Since it's Friday and Halloween and all that good stuff I figured an easy/fun Beach Boys retrospective was in order.  Don't get me wrong, I know this isn't exactly fall style, but dont tell that to the guy speeding through south Charlotte, sunglass clad and blasting surf rock.

[All those "boy bands" from the 60's started out matchy-matchy.  If you're gonna do it at least do it right.  I love the short sleeve, button down collar shirt for S/S.  I'm digging the bold stripes too.]

[Again with the group outifts, though this time its all about the "cool", i.e. cool 'Vette, even cooler jackets.  Chinos, a white oxford and golf jacket in that perfect shade of blue looks just as good today as it did then.]

[An outatke from the iconic Pet Sounds cover shoot.  Just as the boys were hitting their creative stride musically, so were their outfits.  There is a ton of cool stuff going on in this picture, but none more striking than Brian Wilson's brass button peacoat.]

[If you ever wondered how to properly wear a beard look no further.  Even with beards The Beach Boys are looking cool and keeping cool.  Dennis Wilson (top right) does it better than most.]

[Desptie dozens of line-up changes and "Kocomo" you can't deny everything these guys had going on in their prime.  It's a shame they often get overlooked when the whole "Best Band Ever" debate comes up.  Let "America's Band" play you into the weekend.]


Sart Inc's Beach Boys Playlist:
"Little Deuce Coupe"
"Do You Wanna Dance?"
"I Get Around"
"Help Me, Rhonda"
"Barbara Ann"
"California Girls"
"Wouldn't It Be Nice"
"Sloop John B."
"Good Vibrations"
"Heroes And Villians"


  1. Weird. A few weeks ago I was at my girlfriend's parents house and I put on some Beach Boys for dinner music. Big fan. I would add Be True to your School to the music list. "Wouldn't it Be Nice" is probably the greatest pop song ever in my head. I like the Ramones cover of Do you Wanna Dance a lot too.

  2. Disaffected - The Beach Boys are fantastic dinner party music. Do you wanna dance may be my #1 song from their catalog, and yeah that Ramones' cover is crazy good.