Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sart Inc's Fall Wish List

It is most definitely fall and here is what Sartorially Inclined is most definitely jonesin' for....

1. Penfield Kasson Parka...$165

You get your heritage fix with the buffalo red and black plaid lining and your protection from the elements thanks to the water resistant/wind proof outer.  By the way, I prefer the jacket in tan.

2. Hamilton 1883 White with Red Stripe Oxford...$185

These shirts just hit the web and are faithful recreations from Hamilton's archive.  The Houston shirtmaker updated the fit, however, for today's slim-fitting sportshirt demand.

3. The Hill-Side Selvage Chambray Bandana...$44

Since it's not that cold by me a scarf isn't all that necessary.  Instead I'm thinking of going with a bandana.  Full of cool details and made from fabric sourced in Japan, this can be worn around the neck, in a shirt pocket or peaking out the back pocket of your cords. 

4. Patagonia Slingshot Down Vest...$125

I love the vaguely western shoulder details on this Patagonia vest and the flap pockets in the front.  The color ways are great and as far as keeping your core warm, look no further.

5. Rugby by Ralph Lauren Corduroy Jean...$89.50

My J. Crew chords are about worn down to chinos at this point, so I figured I'd upgrade to these fall offerings from Rugby.  Slim through the waist and leg, they look as good rolled up as they do tucked into boots.  Check out all the great color offerings...Deep Autumn and College Green are particularly intriguing.

6. L.L. Bean Boots 8"...$84

The classic, coveted fall footwear (and banner leading man) finally makes its debut here at Sartorially Inclined though, I'll be honest, I have never owned a pair of Bean Boots.  GASP! 'Tis true my friends, but that is all about to change this fall even if I still cannot decide what height to go with.  At the time of writing the 8" has caught my fancy so it'll do for now.



  1. Good stuff, I dig your blog a lot and I have subscribed. I will be joining you over at Debonair as well, so I guess we are colleagues now.

  2. Mr. Kirsch - Appreciate the support...I'll toss some back your way. Saw your article today on the fall sweaters over at J. Crew...great stuff. I look forward to writing with you.

  3. Damn you. Damn you straight to hell. I now cannot live without any of those items!

  4. J.P. - That's what I'm here for buddy...haha. But seriously how sweet is this stuff...fall always blows me away, in a good way of course.

  5. I've only heard good things about the RRL Corduroy Jean. I might have to cop those too as my Gaps are ripping in the butt (I'm a terrible patcher). Also, 8" for your Bean boot seems to be the perfect length. I own the 6" and some very snowy days it just doesn't cut it. I can't imagine wearing the 10" laced fully, so 8" seems just right. Also, your Wallabees are timeless. The sand is the perfect color. I've always had my eye on a pair but have never been able to pull the trigger on the $100-$130 shoe.

  6. Mr. Enthusiasm - Those cord jeans look like the perfect fit. The price point is pretty close to that of J. Crew, but seems like a better pant aka finger on the trigger. I agree with you on the Bean Boots. My only reservations came after I saw some amazing pics of a guy in his Bean Boot mocs...I may just wait for the Signature Collection to see what's available. As far as Wally's are concerned. They are worth every penny of the $130. So comfy, so cool. Not to mention how great they look once that sand suede gets all hot and bothered. My only regret: I wish I had gotten low tops.

  7. RRL and Rugby are two different things.

  8. Memphis88 - Thanks for catching my mistake...I was too lazy to type Rugby by Ralph Lauren and instead referenced the wrong brand. Good catch.

  9. Well you know I love the Hill-Side. I have the black one and have worn it around the neck a few times. I think it looks pretty cool.

  10. Conor - Your bandana is boss and was one of my inspirations for including it on my list. Old man or young man, you dress extremely well.

  11. That Patagonia vest is killer. Love love love it.

    Let me second the bean boot moc idea. I went to college right outside of LL Bean's headquarters, so I got a little tired of seeing the 6" and 8" boots all the time. That said, the moc is a cool - and timeless - way to stand out from the crowd.

    Nice eye, LAS.

  12. Disaffected - Yeah, that vest is amazing. When it comes down to it, Patagonia actually makes really good looking stuff. You know it's going to be functional, but when it looks this good too, wow...I'm sold.

    The Bean Boot issue is an ongoing debate and since I am living in an area where snow is reserved for children's dreams (hope that didnt sound too creepy) the moc may be my best bet. Whatever I get is going right up so we'll see what happens.

  13. well looks like that you have all the need cloth to live a warm winter, that vest look so cool, and the jacket so comfortable, the pants with a lot of style, and the shoes all terrains.