Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning Bargain Cool

A while back I remember reading something on one of's (r.i.p) fall trend reports that went something like this, "This year's fall collection is one of Gap's best".  They highlighted a specific Native American inspired cardigan and that was it.  I remeber being skeptical, but at the same time continually checking to see when said pieces would be released.  After not seeing much of note for a few weeks I moved on. 

If you read Jake Davis' blog, and you should, you saw that this morning he shouted out two new cardigans from the American clothing giant.  Intrigued, I headed back over to their website and checked out the new developments.  While I could not find anything as "high-end" as the aforementioned Native American cardigan I did see some pretty good value pieces worthy of the Sart Inc co-sign (I'm so humble, right).  Mostly of the sweater variety, these options are pretty wallet friendly and are fall staples any guy should own.  I can't really speak on fit because half the things I've gotten/tried on from The Gap (and I am talking about the Patrick Robinson era) fit awesome while the other half have been abysmal. 

Some of this stuff is pretty forward thinking like the fair isle hoody and some other stuff is pure American classic, which The Gap claims is their M.O. these days.  I'm particularly fond of the ribbed, shawl collar cardigan as a great outer layer if, like me, you experience a moderate F/W.  Some advice: as with anything else be wary of bold lumberjack buffalo plaid.  This does not work for everyone and I highly recommend getting the opinion of someone else before going all in.  Material is also a deal breaker, especially with mock necks.  If the material is cheap and flimsy you are going to have a limp, lifeless collar, which can ruin the sweater.  Anyway, here is some bargain cool to start off the week.  All sweaters are available here (prices range from $68-$98).

[Update: See The Gap snippet here.]



  1. oh man oh man oh man.... I am not kidding when I say this... I have never wanted something so badly from Gap as I have with some of these men's sweaters!! Thanks for sharing this.. These days one would not find me in any kind of retail shop except thrift stores because of my tiny income I am living on...I really only allow myself 1 or 2 clothing purchases every two weeks..and the rest of my "personal" allowance is spent on books there...however, after seeing these sweaters and others on their site I have decided that I need at least 2 of my top three favorite!!! One habit that I have been trying really hard to develop is buying 2 of something that I fall head over heals in love with [for clothing/accessories] ESPECIALLY with shoes!! >>> but these sweaters are double purchase worthy! Now...with that said, I need to find a second job or really crack down on selling my paintings!

  2. Ms. Marj - I'm happy you like the sweaters! My expectations for Gap are usually super low, so this stuff was a pleasant surprise. Your spending doesn't sound out of control especially compared to the amount I spend on stuff weekly...anyhow, I hope you treat yourself to some "I love me" sweaters, be it in pairs or otherwise.

    Are your paintings on eBay or some other digital marketplace? I'd love to see whats for sale.

  3. I love the two tan sweaters you put up! Looks like something I would steal from my boyfriend's closet and wear on a cold day!

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  5. Another Gap bargain piece I picked up this weekend and blogged about is the grey chambray button up, few nice details and acceptable quality at a sub $50 pricepoint.