Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lusting After: Hickey Merino Wool Shawl Collar Sweater

[Pictured: Hickey Merino Wool Shawl Collar Sweater.  Available here for $345.00.]

Lusting After is quickly becoming one of my favorite posts as you can probably tell as I drop yet another one on you guys.  As I was traveling the information superhighway looking for gloves to talk about in Part 2 of Fall Looks: Bundle Up, I came across this superb fall offering from Hickey.  When it comes to sweaters, I struggle to find ones from brands that I know have great fits and great details.  Luckily for all of us Hickey (always?) hits both of these out of the park.  Click the link above to get a better view of the fabric, the toggles (!), the elbow patches and the fabric surrounding the collar.  While this sweater is about 3x's what I want to pay, who am I to turn it away.  At this point I'm sure we all have damn near O.D.'d on sweater coverage, but c'mon...look at this thing.



  1. Hickey shit tends to show up on crazy sale, so we might be in luck with this and their dope fair isle come spring. I got a jacket that was marked down from $695 to $120.

  2. I was hoping said fair isle was on their Gilt sale a while back...that sweater is the bomb.

  3. Yo this is future Eddy commenting from the year 2011.

    Hickeystyle is going to go out of business, Aaron Levine is going to move to Rogues Gallery for a brief stint, then end up at Jack Spade (yeah that's right, the Kate Spade Man Bags Company) and everyone will be really disappointed and sad. However while hickeystyle gasps for its last breath, deal hunters will pick its legacy apart piece by piece on deep discount on Gilt like a pack of hyenas.

    Also, buy Apple stock. (Trust me, this iPad thing is gonna be the real deal).