Monday, October 19, 2009

Lusting After: Mister Freedom x J. Crew

[Pictured: Mister Freedom x J. Crew off duty workshirt.  All pictures courtesy of J. Crew.  Available online for $239.95.]

This collaboration between Mister Freedom and J. Crew has been available for a while, but the release of a new "rustic blue" (i.e. chambray) colorway has forced my hand.  While it's hard justifying spending $200, let along $240, on a shirt (especially a workshirt) this may be the exception to the rule.  Foolishly left off of my fall wishlist, this may be the coolest shirt out right now (apologies to the fine garments available from Hamilton 1883).  The details are absurdly good and most definetely authentic considering Mister Freedom's reputation as the archival master.  While the new rustic blue version is awesome, this "collection special item" (What?  Seriously, who is proofreading over at J. Crew?) off-white is a must buy.  According to those in the know over at J. Crew the shirt is extremely snug and they recommend ordering a size up if you are looking for that relaxed feel from your off duty workshirt.  Once again, this price is steep, but for a shirt that looks amazing enough to wear everyday it may just be worth it.  If the devil is in the details, call me a satanist...



  1. I've always found that JCrew struggles with fit. Their shirts are typically too short or too wide (though I do have a weird body - a wide hipped skinny guy, what the hell?). Maybe they've fixed this for these shirts, and for the tag I sure hope they did.
    I can't see myself dropping that kind of cash on a shirt but I'm going through a "I've got way too much stuff in my closet" mood recently. Maybe when I get a real job and bigger closet I'll splurge.
    That being said, JCrew has been meticulous with their details recently, something that anyone could appreciate.

  2. Enthusiast - Funny you should mention fit. Head over to Don's blog, A Curious Monogram...we've been talking about J. Crew's fit all day...

  3. oh man, I guess that better word for me is "Fiending" rather than "Lusting" that shirt looks awesome!

    I disagree with the fit comment above, but that might be because I am a bigger fellow. (size Large)

    these shirts will definitely not be the same fit as regular J.Crew as they are made by Mister Freedom.

    However his Christopher's (MR. F) sillhouettes are not exactly "slim"

    stay calm and carry on

  4. Aaron - I know, right...this shirt is the ultimate. Not sure if you saw this, but check out this great interview with Mr. F from's a fantastic read.

  5. This shirt is seriously the slimmest off the rack shirt I've ever seen but you can thank Christophe from Mister Freedom for that, not j.crew.

  6. Enzo - That's what I've been hearing. J. Crew has missed the mark on fit for a while, so even if I ended up getting a size or two up at least it would fit properly.