Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My New Standards

[Note: While my NY/Uniqlo wrap up post sits on the shelf awaiting pics (aka while one of my +J sport shirts sits at the dry cleaners in an attempt to rid itself of the lovely smell of menthol cigarettes/sweet tea vodka/panini) I figured I'd do a post about denim...]

[Pictured: Sartorially Inclined's APC New Standard Jeans. Size 30 courtesy of French vanity sizing.]

On a slow day at work last week I dipped out early to a cool little shop right near my apartment.  Niche Market is a nifty brick and mortar boutique in Charlotte that specializes in streetwear carrying brands such as Alife, Vans, Kidrobot, etc.  Like any great streetwear boutique, they also have a pretty good selection of raw denim, which was the motivation behind my visit.  I'd had some cheap/low quality raw denim before, but after a mildly intense debate/research period I finally decided to invest in one great pair.

It doesn't take much digging to learn that APC Jeans, specifically the New Standard cut, are the jeans of the moment (currently the #1 ranked denim over at men.stlye.com's The Upgrader).  This French, minimalist take on an American classic has yielded praise from everyone online and in the industry so  I won't be the 1000th blogger to rehash all the great/unique things about them, i.e. buying 2 sizes down, never washing them, the 12 oz. raw selvedge denim, etc. 

Needless to say, I pulled the trigger and got my pair of New Standards.  I am wearing these cardboard stiff nuthuggers right now, but I can assure you that by the end of the aging process they will be one of a kind and perfect for yours truly.  This post serves as the starting point of a beautiful relationship, one that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.  I plan on posting twice more about these jeans...once more in 6 months and then again in a year to document the full aging/wearing process.  Stay tuned as I embrace my new, much higher, standards...


[My own private selvedge yard.]

[APC x Jack Purcell.]

[APC x Jack Purcell II.]


  1. I loeve this jeans style because I think that it is so confortable and so fashionably, I want to buy one to my job because I need to feel so at ease.thanks for sharing.

  2. Those are some pretty good pictures, the jeans look cool, they are a great design and they fit perfectly to the body.

  3. Any updated photos...how did they turn out?