Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stumbled Across: Bargain Boots

I wouldn't normally link to anything over at American Eagle considering how snobbish I am about my clothes (sarcasm? kidding?), but I found the following quite interesting.  If Red Wings, or any other boots for that matter (Wolverine, Timberland, etc.), are currently out of your price range you might want to keep reading.  Apparently American Eagle believes that "imitation is the highest form of flattery"...

AE Woodsman Boot...$79.50

AE Classic Boot...$89.50

AE Vintage Cabin Boot...$89.50

AE Woodsman Shoe...$64.50

So I guess the creative director at American Eagle isn't very creative at all.  But I will give credit where credit is due...this is a smart marketing move to any heritage geeks, like myself, who may not be able to afford the real deal.  Red Laces? Work boot boat shoe?  I am kinda impressed. Seriously.  With today's mantra being "buy once for life" I'm not sure if I can endorse these in good faith, but interesting nonetheless. Not to mention I'd rather not reinforce child labor in Taiwan.  But then again, that's just me.



  1. As reluctant as I am to compliment something from American Eagle, those looks really close to the Redwing 875s, and for less than half the price, they seem like they would be a great option for someone who can't afford to spend $200 on boots.

  2. Trip - I only posted this because the "someone" you talk about in your comment is me, haha.

  3. Ahh, don't worry, I am that someone as well. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I cannot even splurge on an $80 pair of boots at this point.

  4. Im almost certain these shits will fall apart before the winter is over. Youd be better off getting some boots from the thrift store. That being said, they look very similiar to Red Wings.

  5. blaxfilmfan - I never posted these due to their quality. Purely an aesthetic and price oriented post.

  6. Well personally they are not so so expensive, but I just use boots on rainy season or winter and casual shoes summer, atum, you know how it works, but I don't care to much about the appereance.

  7. These ones are not that good comparing them with others you posted before.